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As the world relies and turns more and more toward solar cells, Not only as an alternative to petroleum or other fossil fuels, but as a clean, ecologically-sound energy source,Solar panels that provide electricity stably even under harsh conditions are becoming more important that ever. In order to create that stability and quality, high-performance solar simulators are an absolute necessity in the production process.
At WACOM ELECTRIC CO.,LTD, we aim to obtain greater performance of solar simulators at a lower cost to encourage the rapid growth and spread of the solar cell market, promote the usage of solar power around the world in every field, and invigorate the solar industry, Our products are already hard at work as light sources for exposure equipments and spectrophotometers to manufacture MPUs, LEDs and other semiconductor devices, as well as liquid crystal and plasma flat panel display devices, semiconductor package substrates, high-value-added printed wiring board, and many other electronic devices.

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