Company Management philosophy

   We aim to be a company that "Contributes to the future of the earth through the creation of light."

  1. Through sound business activities, we cherish all the people including customers, employees, shareholders, and local residents.
  2. We further the technological innovation in the field of industrial light source and the natural energy, and create rich values.
  3. We strive to the realization of a better global environment and contribute to the development of society as a good corporate citizen.

Company Management policy

Provide a high level of quality by grasping the customer’s needs quickly and accurately and by striving for the product’s development and improvement.

  • If we do not manufacture products of the best quality, customers will ask for them to other companies that can manufacture the best ones.
  • Customers are the ones who define and determine the quality. Customers’ words indicate "the product specifications to be needed and purchased" and those words are the definition of the product.

Build a harmonious organization with full of reliability, transparency, and fairness, that enables each employees to fulfill their responsibility for the realization of our goal.

  • Trustworthy quality can be achieved by paying close attention to details.
  • Performing a constant quality improvement without being satisfied with the current quality leads to gain the customers’ trust.
  • Build mutual trust by sharing, disclosing, and appreciating each other’s work at any time.

Fully utilize the checking function not to manufacture defective products.

  • Quality is the best means of revenue improvement. Aiming to keep the consumption of limited earth resources at a minimum, each employee pursues the highest yield and the lowest production cost to attain the objective.
  • Improvement is the means of achieving a high yield. There is always a root cause behind the quality problem. Improvement is to correct the root cause and that eventually leads to customers’ satisfaction as well as organizational revenue.

We, WACOM, promote the global environment conservation actively, prevent the occurrence of harmful pollutants, and contribute to the region, society, and the community.

CEO, President
Takeshi Okuda


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